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Buy Hand Tools Online in Dubai for Industry and Mechanical Projects:

Hand tools play a crucial role in cutting, screwing, measuring, and stripping. Planeteco offers hand tools for all electrical and mechanical applications. Buy hand tools online in Dubai for your comfort with high quality. Professional tools are essential for quality work. Our affordable hand tools shop in Dubai assists you in buying your favorite hand tools for construction. We also have an extensive range of other tools. Planeteco sells the necessary hand tools in Dubai, like many power tools for construction. But you can also buy hand tools for particular projects directly from us!

The Right-Hand Tool for Construction:

Planeteco offers a wide range of hand tools and automatic machines for industrial use and thus guarantees the professional execution of all activities in the process chain. Quality, precision, durability, and effectiveness from the basis for our best hand tools suppliers in dubai.

Buy Hand Tools Online in Dubai with a Visual Inspection

  • Mechanical condition, taking into account moisture, dirt and corrosion.
  • Protective and earth conductors must not be discontinuous.
  • The material will be applied according to the design.
  • The strain relief must be sound.
  • Contact plugs and coupling plugs must not be damaged.
  • Machines must not be improperly managed.
  • The machine housing must not show any breakage

Tool layout

Roughly speaking, tools can be split into hand tools and machine tools. But there are various subdivisions for each type of work. The material that tools consist of being usually of a complex type, such as wood or metal, and can also combine the two materials. Heavier tools that consist of large parts of wood or metal are also tools. The opposite is an instrument and is usually a specialist tool of more elegant execution. In addition, the third group of tools consists of utensils such as kitchen tools. So, buy hand tools online in Dubai from a reliable hand tools shop in Dubai.


One of the materials that are often worked with tools is wood. From tree to chair requires several operations that start with knocking down the tree. In earlier years, this was done with hand tools such as a cleaver, but nowadays, this is usually done mechanically with a chainsaw. This is kept sawing the trunk into planks, which often happened with water-powered machine tools in the past, which is still the case in some countries. A chisel, drill, hammer, handsaw, composite wood, glue clamp, pincers, planer, screwdriver, and file are used for smaller woodwork.


Another common material utilized in hand tools is metal in many types. Wirecutter, tap, socket wrench, pipe wrench, impact, file, and hacksaw are included in the wire cutter. In hand tools, metalworking is considered as key. So choose us; we are one of the best hand tools suppliers in UAE.

Which Hand Tools Does Planeteco Sell?

  • Cutting tool
  • Hammer
  • Hex key
  • Measuring and leveling tools
  • Screwdrivers

We are always ready to help you in all situations. Choose us when you want to buy hand tools online in Dubai. We always prefer quality and standards

What Motivates Us:

At Planeteco, we act innovatively, sustainably, and as partners. This applies to our dealings with employees as well as with our customers. Don’t forget planeteco when you are going to buy. We are also aware of our responsibility towards people and the environment and act accordingly. With the vision of the All-Electric Society, we also want to enable our customers to work more sustainably by enabling comprehensive electrification. In addition, interconnection and automation of all sectors of the economy and infrastructure with our products and solutions.

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We are a young company famous for the providing best hand tools and machines, in the broadest sense of the word. Moreover, if you need hand tools for construction, browse our website and order your desired hand tool. Buy hand tools online in Dubai from Planeteco as well as we ensure you provide quality products for your satisfaction. Appropriate safety measures must be taken for all work, so we maintain our standards and check hand tools before selling any product.